Geranium Project Development

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Our Priorities


We have planted quality geranium plants in our farm for high quality of flowers by which we can extract quality oil.


We have our own cultivated geranium plants farm, also we encourage farmer by showing the benefits of geranium plants.


Geranium flowers are converted into oil form by extraction for perfume making. Our extracted oil has demand in global market.

Geranium Essence

Brain Chamber Technologies PVT Ltd is unique manufacturers & exporters of geranium essence/oil from Maharashtra, India. Here geranium oil is extracted from plant known as pelargonium odorantissimum species of geranium family. An oil has strong floral aroma and it itself is an perfume. Ordinarily oil is or essence is used as perfume but geranium oil is also use as mosquito repellent. Naturally extracted oil of geranium is also used to treating ulcers, Anti inflammatory, digestion, skin care and for kidney too. We are genuine exporters of geranium oil from India to different countries. Due to its purity and quality our product is highly demanded in market.

We manufactured quality geranium oil by extraction process from plant pelargonium odorantissimum of geraniace family. Extracted oil has strong aroma has slight hint of mint and odor like rose. This fresh oil/essence has important place in aromatherapy. It balance our mind and emotions and also keep normal our hormonal system. Oil is mostly colorless but have slight light green or pale yellow sometime depend on herbs. Oil has high demand in cosmetics, perfumery industries.

Geranium plant is originated from south Africa as well as from Egypt and morcco. It was introduced in 17th century in European countries such as Italy and Spain. In geranium family there are 700 species but mostly 10 plants supply essential quality oil. It is well cultivated in green house for more production of oil.

Geranium Benefits

Stress Reliever

There is direct impact of geranium oil on the nervous system. While you brew geranium leaves you can produce tasty tea which has smoothing properties. Due to its organic compound it positively impact the endocrine system and helps to balance hormones cause by stress. You can release your stress with cup of tea.


Most common use of geranium oil is to relive inflammation throughout body. If you suffering from sore joints, aching muscles an cup of geranium tea can give you relief and reduce strain on body.

Immune System Aid

It is an popular remedy on cold and flu by its natural antiseptic, antibacterial and anti fungal properties. By having cup of geranium tea or leave only of rose scented geranium can helps to improve your body with antibacterial compound and boost your immune system.

Kidney Health

It has been come in research that some of the volatile components of geranium can improve health of kidneys and stimulate urine and detoxify our body. By regular consummation of geranium oil it maintain health of kidney and remove excess salt from it.

Pain Reliever

If you are suffering from chronic pain it has been that an cup geranium tea can gives you instant relief. It is most popular remedy on headaches and other injuries of health. Geranium oil effectively works to give pain relief.


If you are suffering from digestion problems an cup of geranium tea is quick and easiest remedy to cure. Organic compound of geranium soothe inflammation, eliminate bacteria which cause discomfort. It is easiest method to improve your digestion system.

The Team is Working Under Distance Agriculture System

About Us

Brain Chamber Technologies PVT Ltd is reliable manufacturer & exporters of geranium essence/oil from Maharashtra, India. we are export oriented and export our geranium essence in India and global market. Geranium essence is extracted from quality plants which gives pure herbs. It rose scented geranium plant whose oil/essence is itself perfume. We work from plantation of geranium plant till extraction of oil from it. We encourage farmers on large scale of plantation geranium by giving training. Harvesting time of geranium is three time in one year and plant can be harvested up to 3 or 4 years. It is an long time investment plans which gives large amount of returns on investment.